Search Doesn't Work Properly

Search does not find many of my auction titles, even if they are exact (copied and pasted in the search field). It makes no difference if I search all fields or just the title. It makes no difference if “show exact matches” is selected or not. Here’s an example of the many titles that it will not find:

2016 $10 Gold Eagle PCGS MS70 First Strike - 30th Anniversary Eagle Label

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Hmm. Maybe that’s due to the numbers included in the search string. Is the correct item included in the results when you search for “Gold Eagle PCGS”?

It finds it when I search for “Gold Eagle PCGS” but that’s way too broad to be practical for me. Also, there are many items with the numbers in the search string that it does find.

For example it will find this: 2016-P $1 Australia Silver Kangaroo PCGS MS70

But it won’t find this: 2016 200 Yuan Gold Panda 15 Grams .999 Gold PCGS MS70

Thanks for confirming that’s indeed the numbers that are causing the problems. Let’s see if we can get this fixed for the 7.0.4 release.

That would be great, because I have thousands of listings that I have to search through and virtually every one of them has numbers, at the very least a year in the title, and most have money denominations etc.

Thank you.


I have a similar trouble. If I look for CAB1 (a unique code, last word of listing title) and mark only “all field”, GS finds also CAB12-13-14 … The same if I mark “Title”. Then, if I try to select “title” and “exact correspondence”, it never finds results…

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It turned out to be a bug with the word “gold” being included twice in the title. Next beta of GarageSale 7.0.4 should fix this.