Search result selection suggestion

How about when a Search results in only 1 item in the left hand list, the 1 listing is automatically selected?

So… If a Search results in only 1 listing found, I can ‘escape-key’ Search and have the 1 found item selected and ready for editing.

This would remove the extra step of “move mouse from right side Search field over to left side list, click 1 resulting listing item, move mouse back over to right side Search field and click X to close Search field (or click Search field and hit ‘esc’ key)”.

And would allow for a much simpler “type or ‘paste’ into search field and hit ‘esc’ key” with the resulting item selected in the list of listings if and when the Search results in finding only 1 listing item. Now my listing is ready to be edited! No mouse movements nor mouse clicks!


Makes sense. We’ll try to put this into the next beta version.

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This has also been Fixed in GarageSale Version 7.0.14b4 (832). Thank You!

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