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Hey everyone! am i being stupid here…? i think i must be.

How do i search only within a smart folder?

All the best

Smart Folders are not “real” folders, just views into the actual listings. When you see something in one, you are peeking through to where it “really is”. I agree it’s counterintuitive.

As far as I know there is nothing in GS that will let you filter on Group (or Smart Group) location, which makes things complicated. The only way I’ve ever come close is to make a new “special” Smart Group that duplicates the one I want to search in, and add rules to the new one that only show the focus I want. But that only works on one special task.

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HIya @Vaguery oh right… ah thats a shame… think would be a great feature… as the smart folder is really good idea…

Yeah i just have do as you suggested… thanks anyways

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Or you could just create a new Smart Folder with that search filter added.


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