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My country’s postal system today decided to eliminate a service that I use. Therefore, I have to find all of my listings that use that service.

Search and Smart Groups does not look for items based on Shipping Profile. I had used the code ** in the title for my reference but the search will no longer look for that either. There are 12,000 listings so going through them manually to fix is not feasible.

Any ideas?


I would so love to see the old bulk edit and replace function that was in GS6. There is so much I could do with it. Likewise with 12,000 items I can only dream…


I think there’s an internal mechanism in GS that can map deprecated services to other services. What’s the service and the eBay site that’s deprecated?

Good morning all,
this is the typical situation where I would say that using ebay shipping policies would make your life easier. Then, a very good new feature to solve this problem would be a smart group like “profile shipping/return/payment” - “is/is not” - “… your ebau business policies…” . It was month I had in mind to keep it up in the forum. Hope it make sense for you… anyway, for such listing numbers… use ebay business policies!!

Canada Post stopped “Light Packet”. I list on, so there is no designation for it. That service allowed packages to 300g but the remaining service only goes to 250g. The new shipping difference on that is now $10! The shipping profile still covers some, but not all, in that category so I need to check for ones that may be over 250g and bump them to the next (Not that anyone is going to pay $23 shipping for a small inexpensive item - what are these postal people thinking?)

What did happen to Find And Replace? That was really useful

So, if you need to revisit each listing to check its weight, auto-mapping that service to another service does sound very useful, right?

Sorry, we didn’t have time to implement it, but we are committed to bringing it back. Among the top 10 of our feature list.

Yes and no as some of them meet the criteria and some don’t and have to go another category. If it was automated, some would end up in the wrong one.

Amen, sir!

Not having that feature has slowed me down to the point that I have cut my time down to about half a month instead of full ones.

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