Sell on multiple sites


If I want to sell the same product on different sites, how can I link them together so that if one is sold, the others are removed from the other sites? Should I use Sku or another procedure?
Thanks for your reply.


If you mean different sites from eBay, that’s (unfortunately) still not possible… if you mean selling the same product over different ebay sites, I think the only solution is creating one listing for each site and they cannot be linked together as you said. I would be happy if it were possibile…


Thanks for your help @fedege96.
Recently, i had a small experience with Webinterpret (very bad translation), I don’t recommended it but when I sold an item on one site, all the others ads were removed. I’m surprised that this is not possible with GS.


Welcome! Yes, I had in mind to tell you about webinterpret, but considering that I had too a horrible experience, I thought to avoid. This is a third party tools that only do that, GS still does hundreds different things, I suppose it would be hard to do something like that, also because selling on other sites generally costs a lot and if I am not wrong webinterpret has a special partnership with ebay to allow it. I am afraid we still have to manually put each of them on other ebay sites…


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