Seller Account missing in orders

after update (and buying new license) to GarageSale 7.01 I get a little bit more in touch with new version.
During test of the new version I see, that Seller Account (red marked in my attached picture) is not filled.

Whats wrong there?

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Hi Martin,

is the corresponding eBay account added in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts?

Regards, Kristian

My guess is that the was an existing order already present in GarageSale 6 when importing to GS 7. Most likely the account token was not valid in GS 6, so during the import phase, GS 7 couldn’t download the seller account name.

corresponding eBay account was added in GarageSale preferences > Accounts, yes.
The Token seems to be valid, because messages and everything else running fine.

Is there a possibility to add information about seller account manually?

thanks for help,
best regards,

How old is the order with the missing seller account information?

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