SEO, Tags, Meta Data - suggestions?

Hi -

I did a search, but found nothing under “tag” “meta” or “SEO”

I’m getting ready to dive back in for a client, and want to start adding tags to my auctions, but when I open the html, I don’t see where it could be inserted… Is that because the Title format is fixed in Garage Sale format? On tutorials, there should be or placeholders.

I really know very little about it.In fact, this would be my first attempt to even try it, But I’m finally convinced there’s good reason to start.

Any suggestions?

Hi scoutshouse,

you can easily enter your own HTML in GarageSale’ Editor mode. Does this answer your question?
Make sure “don’t convert description” is selected there if you enter your own HTML code.

If you’re familiar with HTML you can modify the included GarageSale listing designs as well.

Regards, Kristian