Set in trouble please help

I would like to buy the program to me . but I have a problem . I want to put an article in my ebay shop . if I do that whit the web form is free of charge . if I try with the program (same template ) I have to pay 9cent . how so? a bug?

Hi Piri,

GarageSale can only reflect the listing price information it gets from eBay.
Special prices and discounts are often not in those info it gets.
In general the actual price charged by eBay is the same though as if you start your auction
via the eBay web interface. (except for special promo discounts which are only available when you start the auction through the eBay website directly!).

I always like to test one first and then look in my ebay sellers account just to be sure that eBay charged me the correct amount.

Regards, Kristian