Shipping forcing me to use profiles: When I don't need them!

Hi just upgraded to version 7 of Garage Sale after many happy years using version 6

Everything as expected, except that somehow under ‘shipping’ and the ‘returns’ I get the red error marks
’Please select a shipping profile’ as I have selected a returns profile and ’ Please select a returns profile’ as I have selected a shipping profile.

Why are these coming up as I select ‘Don’t use’ for both !

I have worked around this by selecting profiles, which then gets rid of the red errors and allows me to upload a listing. But I am happy not using profiles and using my own postage rates

I then reverse the shipping profile to Don;t use and use revise listing on the top bar

I then check the postal rates are correct to my satisfaction

Please can you tell me how to get rid of this problem: Is it at Ebay end or Garagesale end



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Hi Richard,

I am not sure if I understood the problem correctly but you have to know that due to eBay rules you have to use your business policy for all options (shipping, returns, payment) or don’t use them at all.

Regards, Kristian

Why does eBay give you the option to “Opt Out” or Is it actually GarageSale that is forcing the eBay Policies?
Why would we HAVE to use policies? I’m confused.

eBay wants everybody to use profiles better sooner then later. That’s why they auto-create profiles from your settings. When you list an item, and later download the item via the “Import from My eBay”, eBay replaces all settings by auto-created profiles, that’s why you get warning in GarageSale even if you never turned on business profiles…

The Opt Out option is within eBay as far as I can tell.

I Opted Out so it doesn’t allow me to look at it.

Getting help through eBay is a absolute joke. I have no idea what Profile is for eBay. I have never had to change any of these things before. I’m much more confused the you …LOL
If you mean my eBay Preferences here > 51 PM
I changed the option to NOT calc. shipping hoping that would change the error, but alas to no avail. Now when I go to change it back, there is no avenue too do so. See below>
51 PM
The “calc” option is only under Combined Shipping and Payments which I don’t want to use. I might if I can ever start another auction…

Go to eBay > move mouse over top left corner icon > click over account settings > move mouse over “account” tab (DON’T CLICK) > a scrolling window will open > select business policies.

In my own opinion, using business policies is something extremely important to do if you have lots of listings. With just one click you can edit (for examples) shipping fees when they change and each listing will update. It’s really a must for me…

Not profile, Policy.

That’s another thing. Policies do not concern the multiple orders settings.

That option isn’t there on mine.
46 PM

Uhm I suppose this is why you have not a business account… and so I guess you cannot use business policies at all… make sure to disable all profiles on GS and enter your own values, so not only shipping, but also return and payment profiles. So you should be able to list, I think…

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I can Opt back In, you do not have to have a “business” act. per se. I opted Out because I was having so much trouble with error codes, and having 50 separate policies…

Uhm wait, if you are not a dealer, you should not have a business account. In my opinion, if you have not so many listings and you are not a dealer, you can maintain your account as private and just use GS without policies. Maybe I missed something, but where is your trouble? You cannot list because of some error or do you want to use policies and you don’t know how?

I believe originally when I transferred my GS6 info to my new iMac this week after downloading the new version GS7 I somehow choose (through) my GS to use “Business Profiles”. That being said after 2 days I think I have it remedied, I think. I’m just an individual seller and not a company. I’m retired and it might not be a bad idea to become a business :slight_smile: LLC I do have a couple hundred listings to load. I tried all day yesterday to reach someone through eBay. I would like to learn more about the “Policies” though. I’ll have to read up I guess. Thx :grinning:

I think there are 3 places in Garagesale where you can pick profiles, under SHIPPING, PAYMENTS and RETURNS - are they all set to DON’T USE?

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You can give a look here: . Just avoid trying to contact ebay assistance, in my opinion they are more than useless for this stuff. I had (and still have) some problems with profiles, ebay for some reason create new policies although they are correctly selected in GS. GS team said it does not depend on the app, ebay assistance said it does not depend on them, and so… I am still having the issue, and what’s worst is that I cannot update more than 1500 listings with the “new” profiles because they are random listing, so I would pick one by one. This to say that policies will probably give you some problems, but it worths a try if you have some hundreds. To select/unselect policies in GS, just select all listings and then do a bulk editing.

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Thank you. I might have to bug you sometime after I get back into doing auctions. Right now I am having to go through each one to make sure all is correct. I really love the GS app. it is much nicer to use the eBay Turbo Lister. I really do need to read up GS stuff so I can make use of all the extras. I am still trying to figure out what is the best way to organize my folder hierarchy. I use to have an eBay store but, was never home enough to make good use of it. Thanks again. Have a great day!

Yes, that had been my problem, they were all set to don’t use and still getting shipping error. Ija sent a auction template to eBay and it was on their end, not mine…phew after 2 days of pulling my hair out! I think it is all good now. Thank you.

You are welcome! If with “folder hierarchy” you mean how to organize folders in GS to contain your listing, I spent months to study it and in my opinion the best way is to reflect ebay store categories. Do not hesitate to ask info if you need. Have a nice day you too.


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