Shipping Items - Labels?

I’ve been using GS for many years now - primarily as inventory control for keeping on top of items to sell. When there’s a rush of BIN sales, I usually go to eBay and print off the Shutl postage label (which then requires me to go back to GS and input the cost) but that isn’t the only problem - I end up with multiple shipping labels that include no info as to the item purchased… potentially leading to errors.

As GS has an ‘Orders’ page that lists the item - along with the relevant addresses is there any way I can use this to generate a combined Packing List + Postage label if I use the readily available paper sheets that come with a specialised sticky label? If not in GS, then using eBay?

GarageSale 8 (currently in close beta), does have the ability to print package slips. These are customisable, but probably not to an extent that allows precise printing into existing shipping labels.

Let me know if you want to access to the beta version, before we are taking beta version public.

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