Shipping Notice in Inspector not updating 'Mark as Posted' on eBay

Can anyone advise, please?

When we send a Shipping Notice out of Inspector does this update Mark as Posted in eBay Sold items list?

We have a Buyer who demanded a refund because it was Not marked as posted on eBay but we sent the item plus a shipping notice.

Now we have a mark against us on eBay - anyone?

Thank you Debbie

… sorry we also tick the Shipped Box in Inspector …

… Found the Answer: In Inspector when you check the box for Shipped - you need to press the Up Arrow on the righthand side to update eBay …grrrr!

It would be good if it was automatic. Now we have to do a global eBay update and can only use today’s date for all past auctions - heaps of emails from customers who have already received items.