Shipping options for domestic

Could the weight be shown on the preview mode when the shipping setting is set to “flat” as it is when “calculated” is chosen. Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 1.02.58 PM It would make it much faster to see at a glance the weight and package size that is entered since I am required by ebay to have every package size and weight on every listing regardless of free shipping option.

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You currently can’t add/edit package info if you don’t have calculated shipping selected. That’s showing the package info if calc. shipping is NOT selected makes no sense, I think.

However, you CAN actually can add/edit package info if you have a shipping profile selected. So, showing the package info if a profile is used might be possible. Would that be an option for you?

Regards, Kristian

I looked at the shipping profile list. It has over 3,000 to pick from. The list scrolls down for 36 seconds. I timed it. I have begun to instead of using “flat” 0.00 as my shipping option, I now use “calculated” and choose the free check box which makes the weight and box size show at all times.

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