Shipping Options still Do Not Work in Australia

I have attempted to put up some items over the wekend to get the promotion e-bay is running.
Again, similar to last year (though different this time), nearly all the shipping options on Garage Sale don’t work. It would seem that e-bay now run a modified small list that looks nothing like the list on Garage Sale.
As an example teh onlty express service for domestic offered on e-bay is “Australia Post Express Service 1-3 days”.
I’ll have to also speak to e-bay, but how is this going to work ?
Be that as it may, none of your options are the same.

Please let me know what I should be doing.


Grahame Foster

Hi Graeme

I think you will find this is a common problem when Ebay change the shipping details.

I only know the
Standard mail
standard mail Registered


Internalional 14-31 days no-tracking

all match up - but very few of my clients want registered international because of the cost - like starting at $26.

Because of the changes, the GS Team usually require on user help (rightly or wrongly) to keep this lists up to-date. At least this seems to be the case in Australia.


Dear David

I would have thought that the e-bay packaging 500gm, 3kg and the stadard satchel 5kg weould be popular, as they are the cheapest internal mail options.

What does all this mean to me. Do Australians have to put everything up as local pickup, and then modify the item once listed? Now THAT would be a real pain, and certainly negate much of the reason I bought the licence for Garage Sale for.


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Yes, Graeme you are dead right.

Maybe I am lucky that the ones I use actually work. However, I have had to change the internaltional selection three times in the last couple of months for it to work correctly.

I would like to use a shipping profile BUT I would need a business account.

It would be nice if they could be changed in Bulk Edit but that is not the case.


Any chance you can send us screenshots of what shipping services are available on the eBay websites. It seems someone at eBay has been lazy and did not provide third party apps like GarageSale with the current names.

I could use your screenshot to file a bug report with eBay.

@ilja since I do use shipping profile I only realized now that GS has not updated the shipping also for, sorry. Here you find the complete list for site:

National shipping

Foreign shipping

In GS I read “Posta ordinaria (discontinued)”. It has been updated adding different options: posta4 is previous posta ordinaria and moreover they added the possibility to choose size (piccolo/medio/extra standard have different prices).
Hope this help.

Here is some info from an Australian ebay listing. Screen shot 1 is the list in GS (and it continues off the page); screen shot 2 is of the same listing on the ebay Edit page. Hopefully this helps.



Dear Ilya

I think I’m getting close to the root of the problem.

e-bay have changed the whole structure of their shipping options.

Below is the Domestic option you are faced with if you allow postage to be calculated.

Next are the Domestic options if you select the “flat rate” option.

Similar things happen to International.

Another real hassle with e-bay is that if you select , say the e-bay 3kg satchel, you must enter the dollar value you are going to charge the buyer. Therefore, you need to look up the Australia Post website for the charge for this service.

The same applies to all the other flat-rate options.

A real pain, I can tell you. Obviously you can build into the cost of the postage any handling charge, but the handling charge field is disabled for the flat rate option.

Knowing that e-bay take 10% fee which included the shipping charge, I like to add this to the shipping, as if it is a cheap item (say $10), and the postage is $25, then I pay over $3.50 in fees, which equates to 35% of my selling price.

The end result is that GS needs to align their shipping options to e-bay’s.



So, what’ the status on this? Ebay problem? GS problem? Fix-able? Sorted by next GS version?? I look forward to hearing.

The status is that it is a GS problem. It still doesn’t work.


Grahame Foster

It is disappointing that the is no responson from the GS team since the request for screenshots was satisfied. whether good or bad news.

Not unexpected. We are only small fry down here in Australia, and probably not worth the trouble.


I am quite (totally) sure this is not the case, there must be a ton of work with next version of GS 8 on the road and a bit of patience is needed. I suppose they had other works during these weeks since also other matters (“not Australian”) are waiting for a response. Just my opinion…

My neutral observation, indicating that even “thanks for the screenshots, but nothing will be done about it”, or “it is resolved in the new version…and here’s the upgrade price” would have been welcome. Neither as damning as foz405, nor a defensive as you, fedege96.

But it did make me realise I have never seen an issue followed to a conclusion here. I have only been involved in a few, but can’t help but wonder if that would be different for all/any issues?

There is ALWAYS development of the ‘next version’, and fixing the existing version does slow that down :wink: Even if it is a result of a change on the ebay end, accurate integration is not only part of the business/product, it is the only thing.

@vince4GS I don’t want you to misunderstand my previous message. I was not saying that the new version fixes this issue, I was just trying to say that they must have lots of other work if they do not reply immediately in each thread. Maybe my previous positive consideration about GS support comes from a more general comparing to other sites/apps supports which are very often not that active as GS support is. Want to talk about ebay support :wink:? And they take 10% of our sales, not a fixed payment as GS does…

I can’t talk about your experience, mine was undoubtedly far from what you says. Anyway I am still convinced it’s just matter of time and then someone of the team will reply here. Let’s see if I am wrong :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

I too am sure that sooner or later something may be done about it, maybe in another version. Then e-bay will make some small changes either off their own bat, or due to Australia Post and we’ll be back to where we are today. It really doesn’t fill me with a great deal of confidence to invest in any further GS versions. I’m only small fry, and use GS to create a better advert to market those few products I want to sell. I can imagine how tedious it must be if you owned a store to have to manually go in through e-bay and change most of the shipping options for the products you put on sale. Talking of e-bay support, those few times I have had to use it have all come to a satisfactory conclusion. The fact they have a virtual monopoly on on-line sales is another matter. I shall now wait for someone from GS support to contact me, but understanding I am over 75 years old, I may not be around when it happens.

According to the eBay documentation provided to developers, all the shipping services GarageSale currently offers are actually available on the eBay system.

Why the eBay website shows much less is beyond me, even if you take into account that ebay dynamically changes the list depending on the shipping method (calculated vs. flat).

I have to bug eBay what their selection criteria for the services shown on the website are. Maybe the forgot to update the developer documentation.

Thanks for the update. We look forward to more news in this matter.

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