Shipping Policy Required

I haven’t used GS for several months and now I can’t resolve this error (image attached). I’ve read lots of posts but none of the solutions given has helped.

GS V. 7.0.16 (841)
Mac V. 10.14.3

Hi Rodwilli,

it seems you just have to select a shipping profile from the Shipping Profile menu in the shipping options. There’s currently “Don’t use” selected.

Due to eBay rules you have to use your business policy profiles for all settings (payment, shipping, returns) or don’t use them at all.

Did you know?: “Profiles” for payment/shipping/returns are pre-defined rules which are mostly automatically created for each user by eBay. Hence the cryptic name. When used, these profiles override the settings for payment/shipping/returns you specified in GarageSale. You can create, view and edit these profiles on the eBay website. GarageSale does not create or alter any of these profiles. For more details about eBay’s business policies, please see the eBay help here:

Regards, Kristian

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