Single User vs. Family License?

Our eBay store uses 2 computers for listing into the same eBay store. We only have the one eBay store, and are working in GS 6 for both computers. Would a single user license work best for us, or would we need the family license for the GS 7 upgrade? Looking at our records, it seems that we previously purchased 2 separate Single User licenses, one in 2010, and another in 2012 when we added the 2nd computer. I can not recall if we tried to download on the new computer using the original Single User license (we may not have seen that it can work on 2 computers).

Looking at the two options, I am thinking one Single User license upgrade would work for both computers? Any help or suggestions would definitely be welcome. We are excited to use the new GS version!

Hi shopUAL,

the single user license is good for a single user only.
If more users want to use GarageSale on the two Macs you should upgrade your single user licenses both.
Another way is to upgrade one of your single user licenses to a family license but at the moment I am not sure if this upgrade path is still possible.

Regards, Kristian

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