Slimming down old database

Hi - low on disc space, first attempt to update to 9 failed because I did not have enough HD space, as my database is over 28 gigs. How can I slim down the old database before updating? Maybe get rid of all completed auctions? Anything else I can do? Thanks!

What you can try is to open your old version of GarageSale (turn off WiFi first so it doesn’t crash) and then delete all items you no longer need. If done, don’t forget to empty the trash bin(s) in GarageSale’s left outline view.

Then, before starting GarageSale 9, restart your Mac. Often this frees up some disk space as well.

Thanks. What would be the way to get the smallest database? Hopefully getting a new computer in the near future, and trying to keep it as slimmed down as possible. Should I export only my active listings? Getting rid of things doesn’t seem to be gaining much room.

Consider replacing the existing hard drive with something bigger.

  1. Perhaps purchase a external drive dock and some 1TB or higher mechanical hard drives.
  2. Then back up just GS’s database to one of those drives.
  3. Install new hard drive.
  4. Reinstall OS and other software on new drive.
  5. Copy GS database from external hard drive.
  6. Routinely make a backup copy of GS’s database to the external hard drive in case something happens to your main drive so you will not loose all your work.


Instead of backing up just GS’s database you backup your entire internal drive, creating a bootable drive out of one of the external drives. Then after you install your new drive clone the bootable drive to the internal drive. Then routinely backup you GS’s database to the external hard drive.

Kristin, your response seems to imply that even after upgrading (in my case 7 → 9) the OLD 7 database is still hanging around taking up substantial room. Is that correct? In which case, is opening the OLD version (which I would have to reinstall) on order to delete items, as you say in your response, really the best/only way to delete the old database? I’m pretty sure I’m misunderstanding something, so look forward to your clarification.Cheers!

Hard Drive Name > Users > User Name > Library > Containers

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 6.32.44 PM

Here we have 7, a copy of 7, 8 and 9 on the hard drive. I always make a backup of database before doing any important changes or upgrades and save another copy to a external hard drive.

If you don’t need 7 or 8 then copy their database files to a external hard drive for safe keeping and delete it from the Containers folder. Then use a product similar to AppCleaner to delete GS7 and any hidden folders and files it installed on your drive. Simply dragging 7 to the trash and deleting it does not remove all the other files and folders it may create.

If you are using a tool like AppCleaner just make sure you do not delete any GS9 files. In this case I’ve unchecked the plist preference file for GS9 AppCleaner detected and thought might be related to GS7.

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 6.41.04 PM

GarageSale 7 and GarageSale 9 have their own database, yes. If you no longer need the old GS7 database, feel free to delete its “com.iwascodinggaragesale7” database folder.

This only makes sense if you want to let GarageSale 9 import (or re-import) the GarageSale 7 database for the first time. If you don’t want to do this or have already done this there is no need to hassle with the old GS7 database, of course.

I initially imported 7 into the non pro version 9. The “Reveal Original” command reported that some 728 items had a error and indicated that these should be fixed; however, GS was not able to fix these listings and instead they were moved out from the existing hierarchy of folders to a special folder located below all other folders and just above the trash folder.

Manually moving these listings back to their original folders would take many hours; thus, deleting the existing GS9 database and reimporting GS7 would be much faster. GS only reimported one blank listing the second time. I was able to trace the error to GS9 importing GS8 database instead of GS7.

I had only used GS8 in demo mode and never imported anything; however, it contained a blank listing with dummy Latin text. In order to correct this I needed to uninstall GS9’s database as well as GS8’s database so GS7 would be chosen instead (you could also just rename GS8). Should not the user be able to choose which database to import when GS detects previous versions of GS - perhaps within a popup window similar to the Mac login window whereas you can choose between accounts?

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