Small issue when creating a new listing - GS7 <-> GS8

Since GS 8, a small thing changed when creating a new listing: In GS7, when I created a new listing (in my case through AppleScript by opening a predefined standard-listing), the new listing always appeared at the bottommost location , at the highest folder-level, directly above the trash-symbol. That was nice, because I have some folders for organizing my listings above and I was always sure that the new listings were outside those folders, so I could easily grab them and put them in the folders where they belonged.

Since GS8, new listing always are created inside whatever folder I have a listing selected at the moment I create the new listing. That means, whenever I create a new listing, I have to look out what is selected at the moment and select something outside those folders. And: I always forget that step, so I create a lot of new linsings inside folders they do not belong to and have to re-sort them.

The behaviour in GS7 was better for my workflow.
Would it be possible to put that behaviour back?

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In AppleScript… Can you “save” the “current selection”, select “nothing”, create your new listing, then “restore” the saved “current selection”???


Ähmmmm… No? :thinking:
But if you provide some code, I may try?

But for me it would be much easier if the behaviour of GS7 could be chosen.

If you use a “master listing”(see GS preferences) instead of AppleScript, when you choose a “NEW” listing from the drop down menu, the new listing is created at the bottom of the folders above the trash where you want it to be. Problem solved, don’t use AppleScript but use a “master listing”.

Interesting idea! I will definitely check that out and report if it works. Thanks!

Does not really work, sorry.
I tried that, but when I have a selected listing within a group (folder), creating a new one the way you suggested will always put it at the bottom of the group, not at the bottom of all listings (means above the trash). So the new listing is still created inside the group I am inside.
Good idea but does not work how I need it.

Hmmm. I tried it before posting. The listing “PRO Leaf, new listing1/20/2021” is created at the bottom. There must be another variable in the mix. If I am in a folder and hit “new Listing” GS puts it inside the current folder.If I am highlighted on the main folder that contains all my 7447 listings then it is put at the bottom before the trash.

For my purposes, markus, I much that the creation of a new group is actually inside the group I am working on because invariably that is where I want it. For those occassions where I need it somewhere else I just move it. Sorry to oppose your suggestion.

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Your screenshot shows that the new listing was created at the end INSIDE your group folder. But What I want is that it would be created at the bottom of the lowest level, outside of all forlders (as it was hadled in GS7), in your case that would mean: Between your group-folder “Lost & Found” and “Deleted Listings”.

No problem that you have a different opinion.
I agree that the new behaviour is good for some people.
The best would be to have a checkbox within the settings “create new listings at main level or within the current selected folder”.

I am aware that I am not the typical user here, because I mostly do not touch garagesale by myself very often - GS ist motly my interface to ebay, I control GS with my filemaker database through Applescript, so when my database changes something in a listing thats within one of my group-folders and sometiems later I create a new listing, the listing is created within that group folder where it may or may not be located correctly.
I will try a workaround: When I create a “dummy-listing”, I can select that first (with AppleScript) before creating a new listing, so it may be able to determine where the new listing should be created.
Thanks to all your answers, they lead me into the roght direction :slight_smile:

Yes that would be a very good idea.

So I did the following:
I have two main group folders where my listings should be sorted in.
I created a dummy listing in each of the folders.
I stored those listing IDs within my database (and did some failsafe programming if they are not present due to some reason)
Now when my database software creates a new listing, it first selects the dummy listing within the folder the listing should appear in
Et voilĂ : Now my new listings are automatically sorted exactly where they should be.
Thats even better then before :slight_smile: Neat.
So thanks again for your comments - in the end they lead to a better solution than I had before.

Wow. You obviously use GS on a different level than I do. I use GS as a stand alone App. My wife uses filemaker to move data around between programs but it is way over my head.

The combination of GS with FileMaker by using AppleScript is a really fantastic combination. There are so many things you can automate - I could not work without that.

Any way to automate taking pictures and writing descriptions? That is my logjam.

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Descriptions are no problem at all.
How do you mean “taking pictures”? I use a regular digicam, i do the pictures for the items I need, I run an automated process (graphicconverter) for adjusting size, contrast and so on and include a copyright, then I drag them to my database. Within that database, the images are automatically renamed in a specific way. Then I can upload them to my server. When I create the listings, the URLs to the images referring to the listing are automatically set. Just a few clicks.
It may be possible to automate the picture-taking-pricess with a webcam or a wlan-enabled camera, too.

I was attempting a little humor. GS makes running an ebay store much easier but I still have to use my camera, which I have connected via wifi to my computer, and take pictures of my items and then import them into GS, write a description, check dimensions and weight, and proof read.

@markus did you create such an integration between GS and Filemaker on your own or is there any existent solution somewhere in the web? GS and Filemaker are two of the most beloved app I use so I could not figure out how amazing it would be if I could use them together… but it is far from my competence.

The integration is not so hard, beacuse FileMaker can send Apple-Script-Commands.

But you can make the first steps with the AppleScript Script-Editor App itself.

First, you can add the GarageSale AppleScript Libraries first to see the commands: Open the Script-Editor App on your Mac. Press Shift-Cmd-L to open the Libraries. Then simply drag the GarageSale App to that library window. Now the GS-library is included there.

No type (or copy-paste) the following:

tell application "GarageSale"
  set theListing to make ebay listing
  set listingID to id of theListing
end tell
set the clipboard to listingID as string

Now you created a new empty listing in GarageSale and you have the Listing ID in the clipboard.
In FileMaker you can now store the clipboard-content in a database field for that listing, so you can easily access the listing from within filemaker. Lets Say the Listing ID is stored within the field “GSListingID”. You then can create a native AppleScript within filemaker that you can trigger whenever you need it.

To select the fresh-created listing in GS you just need to:

 tell application "GarageSale“
   set theListing to the first ebay listing whose id is (here you have the filed with the listing ID)
   select listing theListing
 end tell

But because you have to take care for all those "-signs, the calculated code has to look a bit different:

"Tell application \"GarageSale\"¶
  set theListing to the first ebay listing whose id is \""& GSListingID&"\"¶
  select listing theListing¶
end tell¶"

Now that you can easily create and select the listings, you can also easily inject all information you want. You can set the description and the title for example in another calculated AppleScript:

"Tell application \"GarageSale\"¶
  set theListing to the first item of (get selected ebay listings)¶
  set description of theListing to\““&YourDescriptionField& "\"¶"&
 "set title of theListing to \““&YourTitleField&“\“¶“&
 "¶end tell¶"

And so on…