Smart Folder question

So, I want to make a smart folder with auction templates that ended unsuccessfully so that I don’t have to pull them out 1 by 1. I want to pull the unsold items from a particular folder. I can’t seem to make this work right. For example – I list records and tapes. I list them separately – a whole bunch of records 1 day, tapes another. I don’t want a smart folder with ALL of the unsold items combined – I want just the records in 1, just the tapes in another. Can anyone go through it for me step by step please?

Actually – I figured out by creating a 2nd rule how to do this. BUT, I get a smart folder of auctions, as opposed to templates. I generally list about 800 items at a time, 1 minute apart. How do I go from this list of auctions to another event?

In the panel for creating new smart groups, there’s a popup where you can choose whether to evaluate templates or auctions in the new smart group.

if i want a folder of items that did not sell, i can only search for that if i evaluate auctions. (auction state is ended unsuccessfully) even though the templates are color coded, there doesn’t seem to be a way to filter them as templates…?

I see.

I suggest you upgrade to GarageSale 7, right now in beta testing. Instead of having to deal with templates and auctions, you only work with a single record type called “listing”. Listing in smart groups should do what you need.

Aha. So, if I upgrade to 7, will I lose all of my templates? Or will it convert them?