Smart Folder Yields Inaccurate Listing Count

I have set-up the following Smart Folder for my active listings:


Problem is it does not contain all my active listings, i.e., the folder count is 155, but the Manage Active Listings eBay page has a count of 159.

Ideas? Many thanks

Hi Stephen,

it seems that 4 active listing are not available in GarageSale for some reason.
Maybe you created them outside GarageSale through the eBay website?

What you should also try is to select “Update All Listings” from the listing menu. Maybe the status of these four listings just needs to be updated.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for the response/suggestion. Unfortunately, “Update All Listings” did not change the total. Can you suggest an easy way to find the 4 rogue listings?

Many thanks,

Set your eBay page to list all your auctions by end date. Open a GS window, select your smart folder and select the line view (center panel, top right). Sort by the ‘time remaining’ column (click on the top of the column. Click again to reverse the order if needed). Then just scroll thru both windows. The missing auctions should be easy to see then.

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