Smart group backup

GS team,
Would it be possible to have a way to get a back up to all the smart groups I have created? I have 23 of them and I look at them many times a day. If I were to accidentally delete them I would have to some how do a rebuild of all of them. It would be very beneficial to have a 1 click backup of all of them. every now and then I have to click the carrot at the end of the line to make them reappear but not before a little panic hits me that I have lost them. I guess I could screen shoot each one but that would mean keeping 23 screen shots up to date

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Same! I have been building smart groups to track the contents of inventory boxes (one group per box), and I’ll soon be over 20 of them.

I know this has been asked before, but could we also have a way of organizing Smart Groups nested into standard groups? My work would be much simpler if all the “stuff in a box” Smart Groups were not mixed in among the other ones I have for other use cases.

Yea, I agree. I have 120+ Smart Groups…

You CAN drag-and-drop Smart Groups to kinda organize them.


Yes but 100 Smart Groups in an organized flat list is still a 100-items long :slight_smile:

I see two feature requests hidden in this thread:

  1. Add “Export/Import Smart Groups” functionality
  2. Add the ability to add groups/folders in the smart group section, so smart groups can be organized

Did I get this right?

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If I accidentally delete my smart group folders, to have a quick way to rebuild the group with all the fine details that make up the group and in the proper order

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