Smart group for not relisted items

I know I have already talked about this, but since I had no replies and I really need to know if there is a solution for this lack, I would ask you if a smart group for not relisted items would be possible. I attach a screenshot so you understand what I mean. Look the left side bar and you will see 4 expired listing. The problem is that they are not really expired, but where not relisted because of some problem (look at the red icon in advanced tab). This is a bit messy since expired (and not available) items are mixed with those expired but not relisted so still available for sale. A sort of smart group for detecting those listing not relisted would be essential…

Thank you

So what you want is a smart group for items that show auto-relist error?

@ilja that would be useful for all users who use the auto-restart feature. I noticed that 1 listing every 20 does not relist for some internal error and GS never relists it any more, so they stay expired until I find them… .and so a smart group would be very very useful!! Do you think it is possible?

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