Smart Group Problem GS7

I have a smart group to show me multi-item running auctions. I use Quantity Greater Than 1 and Status is running. I had an auction with 7 items, and it appeared in the group just fine. I sold 4 of the 7, and the listing disappeared from the group. Quantity is still 3, so I would think it should still appear in the group. I re-defined the group, but no change.

Thanks, Steve

Do you still have that specific listing around for us to investigate? Maybe we can determine what’s going on by looking at it.

Yes the auction is still running. What can I send you?

Seles the auction and choose “File” menu > “Export Listing”. You can send the file directly in your reply box, or use the private message function to send it to me. Please compress as .zip before sending.

Here is the listing.

Vintage Amperite 115NO30 Explosion Proof Delay (2.7 MB)


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