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Anyone know if I can use a smart group to find out which listings have ended in the last 24 hours?


Hi, I think it is not possible. It would be useful to add a “starting/ending date” field in smart folder. The only solution may be a smart folder that contains expired listings, then you select all and order from “starting date” in top bar. If you order them, you can find in the top those first listed and so those first expired. A little bit complicated, but as far as I know, there are no other solutions for now…

Thank you. It is an option …. but with 12,000 items I might only be slowing GS down

Welcome. If you have 12.000 active listings to relist, absolutely avoid using the auto-restart feature until GS will provide a “priority” between activities. I tried with 6000 and it was a mess since you cannot list when GS is relisting, so… or you use GTC (as now I am doing), or you manually relist when you are not listing new ones.
Anyway, you can try to set a smart folder to keep track of not relisted listings, it might work…

Had a look at this fedege96 but it doesn’t really work unless you know that every item had the same duration. As I use a combination of 30 BIN and 10 Starting bid it is impossible to order them correctly.

Maybe GS could add the ‘date finished’ attribute? It would be very helpful to me.


A ticket “Listing Smart Groups: allow Start Date & End Date Rules” is already on our never-shrinking to do list. Now, if the day only had 48 hours… :thinking:

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Thanks Ilja. Such a long wish list I guess.


Looking forward to have it… 48 hours days, obviously I mean :grin:

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