Smartgroup in Orders for Repeat Buyer?

Is there any way to create a Smartgroup in Orders for repeat buyers - or any other easy way to identify a repeat buyer?

Repeat buyer = someone who is buying another item at a later date.

regards, Dave

Hi Dave,
just update orders on ebay and GS will show a unique order for any “repeat buyer”. I don’t think there are other way to do that.

for example,

Johnny buys widget 1 from me in February

Johnny buys widget 2 from me in March.

When Johnny buys in March, I need some way to easily identify that he previously bought from me.

I was thinking if I could create a smart group that showed Johnny - that would be good enough.

Knowing how many repeat buyers we’ve had, and easily being able to see how many times they’ve bought from us would be a nifty improvement to the Orders screen. It would give us the ability to know when we should target certain customers with special offers on merchandise they’ve shown a penchant for buying.

Another related thing this might open up is the ability to see how many unique customers we have over a period of time.

Both would be nice improvements to this area of GS, but I wouldn’t consider them high priority at this time. More like just another step in making the Orders and Reports Menu much more useful.

Now I see what you me, recurrent buyers…

This feature should be available somewhere in eBay. I don’t know where, but I am sure I saw in the past a sort of statistics concerning the % of recurrent buyers…

Not a Smart Group, but from the order menu you can do a search by buyer’s name or eBay username and see a repeat buyer’s list of purchases.

You can create a new smart group and use the “buyer name” or buyer account rule.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks all for the replies. Looks like what I need isn’t available through GS, I’ll look for other solutions.

Sorry, not right now. But I think we should add another section for “Buyers”, which should allow setting up smart groups based on the number of orders. Added to the todo list.

Ah now I found that option. It’s not on ebay but on PayPal. Under “report” you can know the % of recurrent buyers, but I think you cannot know who they are. There are some other tool to do that (other service integrated with ebay), I don’t know if I can link them here. Anyway, if you give a look around the web with “repeat buyer ebay”, you will find it…

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