Sold/Unsold Items not Syncing from Ebay Imported Items

Each week I import my ebay auction items into GS8. Previously it would import those listings and I could update orders/listings to review the sold prices/unsold values via “live” view.

Suddenly this week I have notice that GS8 will import orders but will not associate any sort of “live” view. The orders section on GS8 will show the sold items via orders, but they will not show that data in the listing view.

Was there a recent change for this feature, or has ebay/GS8 changed the API in some way?

Thanks for your help

any ideas what might be causing this problem?

There are no breaking chances that we aware of, but you’ll never know?

After having imported your listings via the “Import from My eBay” command, do you show up as entries in the “Listings” section?

this didn’t translate well. what are you saying?

This was supposed to read “but you’ll never know”. I blame autocorrect.

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