[Solved] GarageSale 7 : Cannot access example inventory from help


I cannot access the example inventory CSV file from GarageSale 7 manual.

In “Inventory Section > Creating New Inventory Items”, I clicked the “here” link at the bottom of the page and nothing happened.

I then tried right-clicking the link, selected “Copy link”, pressed Cmd+Shift+G, copied the link: “file:///Applications/GarageSale.app/Contents/Ressources/GarageSaleManual.help/Content/Ressources/English.lproj/Inventory.csv.zip”.
There is an “unknown folder” error.

I also tried accessing folders that are upper in the path. Without success.
N.B. I’m using GarageSale in French language.

Can the problem come from user permissions?


Here’s the solution that I found: using the online version of the manual (https://manual.iwascoding.com/gs7/en/) it is possible to download the example CSV inventory file.

The direct link is: https://manual.iwascoding.com/gs7/en/Inventory.csv.zip

On the counterpart, it was not possible to access that file when using the local version of the manual that comes bundled with GarageSale 7.

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