SOLVED: GS 7.0.5 menu items not working anymore

Dear GS users,

I freshly setup my Mac with macOS 10.12.3 and using GS 7.0.5. Now none of the menus in GS are working anymore. I can click on every menu item, even creating a new eBay offer, nothing happens. I deleted GS completely with AppZapper and downloaded it again, but nothing changed. Also, if I open the GS preferences, the dialog is empty and I can not close it. I have to right-click GS in the dock to quit the application, because with this empty preferences dialog open, GS ist not responding at all.

I already deleted the GS preferences file and the GS folder in Library/Application Support but also no effect.

I downloaded the newest beta and the app tells me I have a bad database and I should contact support. Maybe that’s the reason, but where do I find the database and how can I delete it?

Best regards,



Navigate to the hidden Library folder, search for the folder “Containers” and then for a folder named “com.iwascoding.garagesale”. Delete that folder to reset GS and start from scratch.

I was able to get GS to work properly again that way and imported all my auctions from ebay. Everything seems to be ok now.