*Solved* no categories or preferences & now paypal

My original post closed so im reposting.

I recently upgraded to GS 8 due to the fact that GS 7 would not update ebay store categories and shipping preferences and worse off it kept crashing on me. Now that its updated it continues to crash and still no categories or preferences. I tried refreshing the token and all it does is logs into ebay and doesnt refresh.

Now the payments has the red question mark even though the email address is populated. i tried starting an auction, the screen pops up but then it freezes.

This has been very time consuming and i can not list anything. What can i do to correct the problem?

If i get an error message i will post it…but in the mean time, what can i do?

Update, i deleted and reloaded GS. I was able to refresh my token. This gave me my store cats back and it no longer seems to crash… fingers crossed. But i still cant get it to accept my paypal address and it shows red. it is populated but nothing. i changed it to see description and i try to list both ways and it gets stuck.

Can you please give this newer version of GarageSale 8 a try?:


If you try to start a start a listing with that version do you get a “Keychain error” message?

Regards, Kristian

I am running GS 8 and it is fully updated. i did learn that i have to use shipping profiles… but… none of my profiles will update. I went through ebay and cleared them up and set up new profiles and such but GS 8 will not update them. i click on the update and it goes grey and nothing.

I had to refresh my token and everything seems to be working now.

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