Some questions for orders managed in GS

Hi all,
since the new 9 version is out, I am planning to buy a new Mac mini and leave it always on and running in office with GS closing and relisting 24 hours / 7 day. Will this work good?? I hope so … but before, I need to clarify some doubts I collected recently.

  1. Does GS take items’ images in orders from eBay or from GS database? I mean, if Mac mini is working on its own and if I manage orders in GS from another computer (with empty GS database), will orders have images or not if there are not listings into the database?

  2. Does the 9 version let me enlarge images in orders? They are so small…

  3. Is there any automated message in the new GS version? I need to send specific messages to buyers when they buy and when they pay… automatically…

Thank you for any information.

Kind regards

Sorry, right now it doesn’t download missing listing images from eBay.

No, but maybe we could link that to the system’s “Row height” preference as we do with the outline view in GS 9.:thinking: We need to think about this.

That’s a difficult one to solve. How would the user setup and control such a feature? A new ‘Rule’ editor window for incoming orders? Or would this be part of the new JavaScript feature?

Thank you Ilja for your help.

That’s a pity…

Somewhere in the forum there is an old thread about this, I already asked in the past and I remember also other users found it useful. It would be certainly appreciated for those of us like me who don’t have an eagle sight.

I always thought about this feature, this is one of those few lacks that affect GS. Almost all cloud solution offer automated messages and I really think this would be a great tool for GS. From my point of view, in the messages templates panel, you should add a sort of “option” field like these for each message template:

  • send message when new order incomes
  • send message when order marked as paid/payment is downloaded
  • send message when order marked as shipped/ship information is downloaded
  • send only manually (disables previous options)

Further, you really should consider to add another option field to track customer country, something like: "send message if customer country is/is not … [a list of country] " . This way users can prepare different message templates in different languages and point them to correct users. What do you think?

In my situation, I am doing this with a cloud application separated to GS, but I would be certainly happier to give this money to GS team… having all tools into a unique application is certainly better than using two separated services.

Beta 13 will download missing images for orders, whose listings are not in GarageSale. Also, the order images will be bigger, especially if you select “Large” as sidebar icon side in the General Preferences of macOS.

However, your last request for automated messages is a lot more complicated and nothing that can be implemented in a few hours.


Hi Ilja,
thank you so much! I am looking forward to start testing it! Concerning automated messages, I will keep using an external service, but I am sure it will be a great feature for GS future! Thanks again for your work.


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