Sort By Title/State Fix Request

Sorting by Title or State (didn’t this used to be Title or Date?) does offer some advantages to keep listings in the proper order, however, the sorting does not stay in order for very long. Is it too much to ask that the Sort command be flagged as permanent until otherwise instructed by the user so that anytime a listing is listed/relisted/revised that the folder re-sorts itself per the previous command? Or at the very least to remember the Sort command and to recheck the sorting whenever the app is first launched?

Any chance of this being modified to maintain order better? Or do we just have to live with manually retelling folders to sort on a regular basis?

Unfortunately, for now, yes. I added this feature to our to do list, but it isn’t trivial to implement, as we have to make sure the sort oder is honoured by all the myriad ways of modifying the group hierarchy.

Understandable. The color scheme is a much higher priority to us all anyway.

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