Sort Listings by Store Category

Can you sort listing by store category?

Yes, if you select multiple listings or a group you can sort by store category in table overview mode.

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I see how that works, my problem is that I have 6600 items running in my garagesale. Is there is any way to isolate by store category with highlighting all of my listings, my Mac/or garagesale won’t let me sort 6600 items, says the field is too large. I am trying to reconcile items that ebay says I have to items garage sale says I have. Trying to break it down into workable items. Ebay says I have more items than garagesale. Thank you

It’s gonna take a lot of work but you could use the sort by start date on GS and in your active listings on ebay sort them by start date and compare the lists in the same order. My totals fluctuate between right on to up to 10 different over time. I wonder if GS couldn’t develop a tool that would compare actual listing item numbers so we can see what listings may be extras or missing from our computer.

Start date doesn’t work on good til cancelled

It seems to have put mine in chronological order. I know ebay does as well

Thanks will give it a try…must the date that good til cancelled re-ups

Yes, mine sorts in order I started the listing on ebay. All my 1200 listings are GTC with only 100 auction listings

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