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Have an issue after syncing where order changed to alphabetical. I need listings to be in order of creation. The listings haven’t been published yet. We do the photography and the listings and later we come back and add the photos so we need the listings in same order as the photo files for flow. When this happened a couple years back “reset overview sort order” resolved it. It is not doing anything now. Ideas?

THis is a major issue for us.

I don’t think there’s a good solution for this.

I assume that two Macs are creating new listings in the same group around the same time, and when GarageSale tries to synch those listings together, it cannot restore the listings by order of creating, because GarageSale doesn’t not remember that date.

A couple of things you could try to work around this issue are:

  • Put new listings into different subfolder on each Mac
  • Prefix the listing name with the creation date, and delete that date only prior to uploading the listing on eBay

Maybe a combination of these might do the trick, but the best solution would be us to change GS so it records a listing’s creation date and offer ‘By Creating Date’ as a sort option.

Depending on whether they use the SKU field, they could assign consecutive (or just in-order) SKU values to all the listings, show that column in the main view, and sort that way.

That is why I assign random SKU values in my setup: So I have a way of sorting “randomly” (for restarts).

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I mentioned this before but when this happened in '18 you suggested “reset overview sort order” and it worked. Wonder why it’s different.

This resets your center column to match the order you have in the left folder column

If you keep your folder in the order that you create listings in then when you hit "reset overview sort order” it will order them in the creation order

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