Specifics in sentence

Hey everyone… So ive mad a look at the docs and noitce you can add say brands into the description

[[foreach attr item.previewSpecifics attLoop]]
[[if attr.name=="Brand"]]<tr><td>[[attr.name]]</td><td>[[attr.value]]</td></tr>[[endif]]
[[if attr.name=="Color"]]<tr><td>[[attr.name]]</td><td>[[attr.value]]</td></tr>[[endif]]
[[endforeach attLoop]]

My questions is this… how could i have e.g - This is a top from [[brand]]

If i add the table above in editor works great, just not in a sentence.

All the best

You just have to remove the HTML table code from that example.
This should do the trick:

This is a top from [[foreach attr item.previewSpecifics attLoop]][[if attr.name=="Brand"]][[attr.value]][[endif]][[endforeach attLoop]]

Regards, Kristian

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Hey Thanks for the reply. Thats odd i did try that and it didnt work… but it did this time… must of made a silly typo or something…

Thanks again

Do you enter that code in Editor or Preview mode?

Editor… I tired it again & it worked well… Must of done something wrong the first time…

Using these wont affect ly listings at all will it? worrid about laods of code going over.

All the best

Your listing’s description will get slightly longer, as it includes all the specifics. But it’s just a static text generated by GarageSale prior to listing, no actually script code is sent to eBay.

Great thanks!! no probs with that. thanks again

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