Spinning beach ball getting worse and you haven't responded

I have spent about 5 hours now on the phone with Apple and determined that the computer is not the issue. Garage sale isn’t using a significant percentage of the CPU and everything else works fine. There are 4GB of RAM and very little else running on the computer. I close the program and open it again. I restart the computer. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. I dumped many of my old templates, so total templates is around 1500. The spinning beach ball lasts sometimes for 2 minutes. Garage sale is not responding. When I drop in a new picture, when I change something in item specifics, when I create a new template. Also, I now notice that Garage Sale does not see my photos in order, so I need to search for each picture instead of it just being in the right place. PLEASE – I depend on this for my business. It is taking HOURS longer to do my work. What can I do to get Garage Sale to run like normal again???

Hi fonky,

I am sorry nobody was able to help you here in this user group so far. Maybe you contact the GarageSale support directly?
It’s hard to tell from here why your system slows down.
The more items (and images) you use the more time needs GarageSale to operate such a large database.
At first, please delete unneeded items and empty the trash bins.

Is there something special about the photos you added? Are these tiffs maybe or very large files? Where are they located? On an external hard drive maybe or in the cloud?
Does it happen in GarageSale’s Preview mode only or in Editor mode, too?

Please check the Console utility (under /Applications/Utilities) for output from
GarageSale after you added images. Do you see something there?

Last question, you’re using which version of GarageSale and Mac OS X?

Regards, Kristian

Aha, I thought this was contacting GarageSale. Thank you for helping me. There is nothing special about the photos. They are in iPhoto on the computer. I use Preview mode, but I can try Editor mode. I looked at Console utility and I don’t understand what it is.

Is there a way to delete templates from GarageSale but save them in a folder somewhere else, so I can drop them back in when I need them?

I have GarageSale 6.9.5 and OS 10.10.4.

CPU usage can be a bit misleading when it comes to diagnosing bottle necks in your setup. For instance, GarageSale might be blocked by your hard drive delivering some requested data. In that case, CPU usage would be very low, but still your system feels sluggish.

If that’s the case upgrading your system to an SSD usually solves these performance problems. You can find out if your computer already comes with an SSD by choosing “Apple” menu > “About this Mac” > Storage. If the windows says “Flash storage” in the lower left corner, you are already using an SSD, otherwise you might want to consider upgrading to one.

Have you checked how many auctions you have in GarageSale? Maybe you can delete some of these, too. And don’t forget to use the “Empty Trash” command in the “GarageSale” menu.

SSD IS THE BOMB. Totally fixed the issue. Everyone should have an SSD. My computer is like lightning now…

Just purchased GarageSale and the rainbow wheel is spinning a lot when trying to figure out the program. My computer is about a year old and has very little data on it. I am fully updated and also using Yosemite operating system. I’m guessing it’s just going to get worse as I add files? Any ideas what the problem could be? Oh and I do have Flash storage on my mac. thanks!

When GarageSale is showing to many rainbow wheels (aka beach balls), how much free RAM has your computer left? You can find out by opening the Activity Monitor utility (it’s under Applications/Utilities), switch to the “Memory” tab, and look at the “Physical Memory” and “Memory Used” numbers.

Also, when GarageSale is running, is there any output from GarageSale in the log window of the Console utility (it’s under Applications/Utilities, too).