Started getting error message when listing "a postage service is not specified"

when trying to post listing I am getting an error message that “A postage service is not specified”. I have not changed anything from normal but this message is stopping me listing anything to EBay.UK. I have specified postage costs and return profile as normal so am at a bit of a loss to see a way round this. Any help appreciated. Cheers

Do you get any additional error?

Hi the full message is

A postage service is not specified.

At least one valid postage service must be specified.

I also have this problem. I spent all afternoon creating a ton of listings and then none of them can list. I am using shipping profiles from my Ebay accounts. All are valid. I get this same error message as Nairnk. This has never happened before.

If eBay returns that error there’s most likely an issue with your shipping profile. That’s why eBay drops it and then says “nothing specified”.

What I would do is:
• Create a new shipping profile on the eBay website:
• Back in GarageSale refresh your eBay access tokens.
• If done, select “Update Profiles” from the profile menu in the shipping options.
• Select the newly created shipping profile.

Still no luck? Please check the eBay website directly then. Maybe you have not opt-in to the “Business Policies” (profiles) yet.
It might also be a good idea to start creating a listing on the eBay website directly. Maybe eBay then gives you a more helpful error message.

Regards, Kristian

this is very unlikely to be the issue or fix, given that i can use same profiles with no problems directly on Ebay. This seems to be a Garagesale issue.

Please note that this error is returned and generated by the eBay server (not by GaragSale).
It might be that on the eBay website eBay can “skip” the problem but when using the eBay API (as GarageSale does) it can’t.

Hi Thanks for all the advice. I opted into using a business profile and without doing anything else the message about postage vanished. I have subsequently been able to list items on EBay. Thanks once again.

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