Starting out in GarageSale 7... wrong date 1982?

My computer has the correct date. ALL say April 2, 1982…
Probably why I haven’t been able to see history/events on the scheduler.
I tried making simple revisions on an old listing - it won’t give me the option of actually relisting it, which is where I’d normally see that information.
I haven’t been active on GarageSale for a loooong time - I’d like to be able to see the chronology of revisions/relists.

have you set you computer preferences to sync the date ant time off the internet.?

I waited too long to install 10.10 (errors) and found out you could “trick” it by manually setting back the time and date. Of course, not back to 1982 :slight_smile:

But changed it back to automatic sync before installing GS.

Can you provide of screenshot (press cmd-shift-4) that shows where GarageSale displays the 1982 date?

Sure, thanks ilja :slight_smile:

if you manage to create a time machine warp hole back to that year it would be great if I could borrow you computer for a week… hahaha

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Took me about a year to figure out how to make one for Yosemite …

I’ll work on it :ok_hand:

You might try one of these:

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hahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahaha, regards, Sandy

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In GarageSale’s Preferences window under eBay > New Listings, did you active your pick a master listing fore new templates by activating the “Copy all settings from this listings” checkbox?

If so, you need to change the scheduled time in that master listing to a more recent data to have that copied to new templates.

Hope this helps.

Ok, Ilja - thanks
But, I’m confused - Is that not scheduling the auction?
It won’t let me set current date and time…
I ended up putting the date up to the end of February until I hear back from you.
Why does it set that arbitrary date (from before GarageSale/Internet(!) was even in use?

Yes, but only if you leave the checkbox before the date enabled when your start the listing. So, if you are using a master listing, which I’m not sure of, briefly enabled the checkbox, change the date, turn off the checkbox again.

Maybe that was the date your Mac was set to when your GarageSale master listing was created?

1982? eBay was started in 1992 :smile:

I’m still wrapping my head around the new listings vs templates - never did use a master template very effectively… anyway, that change did work for all my listings :slight_smile:

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