Store category issue after moving to new computer

I moved my library of Garagesale 6.5 to a new computer. All went well except it messed up my store categories. If the auctions end it loses my store category and replaces it with what looks like my purchase code. In the drop down menu of store categories from the inspector it appears outside the category tree. I just upgraded to 6.9.5 and it does the same. So everytime an auction ends and I want to restart the auction I have to again manually choose the category. How can this be fixed? Thanks!

Anyone? Help please!


did you already download your store categories on your new Mac?
You can do this in the GarageSale preferences>Accounts>Store.

Before doing this refreshing your eBay token might be a good idea, as well.

Regards, Kristian

Yes I did both of those multiple times. Just did again. Auctions that are not running have lost their categories and are just a long # which looks to be my registration code.

Hi secondhandguru,

I think the number that you see is just the category ID.
However, maybe it works if you export the auction templates in question on your old Mac and import them in GarageSale on your new Mac.

Regards, Kristian

By just copying GarageSale’s library folder, you are missing vital account details, which are stored in your account’s keychain. Therefore, the best way to move GarageSale when moving to a new computer is to use Apple’s Migration assistant. This way both GarageSale’s library and Keychain accounts are migrated.

What you can try now is to export entries of type “eBay Token” from your old Macs Keychain and import them in your new Mac.

Hope this helps.

Could you please explain what steps to take in using migration assistant? I change computers quite often so I have become pretty good at moving Garagesale but it take quite a bit of work to get everything correct. Any way to simplify the process would be awesome.

When you first open your new Mac, there is an option called “Transfer data from another Mac”. That should do the track.

If you still have your old Mac around, you can still import account from it. Just launch the Migration Assistant from /Applications/Utilities/.

Can you just transfer one programs files via Migration Assistant and not the entire contents of other computer?
In any case, I don’t think utilizing migration assistant would have worked for me as I transferred from a computer with 10.6.8 to one with 10.9. Maybe that’s the issue. Still it is a strange issue to have my User liscence # end up in the store categories and change all my listings to it. How could I get that category out? I am changing them one by one but I am having to go through hundreds of listings.

I think there’s an option to only copy over certain applications.

That depends what version of GarageSale you have been using before. Going from 6.x to 6.9.x shouldn’t be a problem.

What you are seeing is not your user license, it’s an internal identifier category identifier GarageSale uses to lookup information in your accounts. Since you didn’t transfer your Keychain, or at least the GarageSale entries from your Keychain, you get to see the internal identifier instead.

As I outlined earlier in this thread, there are several options:

  • run the migration assistant if you still have access to your old Mac
  • transfer GarageSale’s Keychain entries from your old Mac to your new Macs keychain
  • write an AppleScript that selects the correct store category for you

Did you know that you can select several templates at once by holding down the shift key, and change all of them to the same store category with a single click?

I ran into the same problem after moving to a new machine (I prefer not to use the migration assistant). Store categories were all showing the “strange” category IDs rather than correct names.

So I used this applescript to update all the store categories of selected templates.

It basically checks what the store category is (the strange ID) and then resets the store category to the same ID. This results in the correct store category showing by its name rather than strange ID. Much faster than having to go through each one individually and changing manually.

tell application "GarageSale"
    repeat with theTemplate in selected templates
        tell theTemplate
            set xx to primary store category index
            if xx ≠ 0 then set primary store category index to xx
            set yy to secondary store category index
            if yy ≠ 0 then set secondary store category index to yy
        end tell
    end repeat
end tell