Stuck not sure if I should even look at GS 8

Ever since BIN Good till canceled rule started it hasn’t made sense for me to use the the GS picture service. I’ve been adding listings on ebay via the OG way. Well kind of. Usually I find a listing and “sell one like this”

Let me be clear. I don’t care if my listing looks fancy… I want to make accurate listings FAST.

The main thing I loved GS for is being able to search and look up items and relist them from maybe 1 year ago. If I ever had one similar. Other than that… i don’t even use GS for any of it’s other features.

Also I find that copy and pasting a listing in ebay is so much more convenient for “item specifics” reasons. Does the new GS incorporate this in any way? I found myself spending lots of time trying to add item specifics for items that have many many options… in drop down menus that were annoying bad coding or too slow.

So I have 400 old listings on GS and about 200 new ones I listed via the EBAY site… and now I’m stuck. Do I even consider reviewing the upgrade? Is there really only 3 listings you can use?

I’d like to know peoples thoughts on the features they believe stand out. Only if they have tried them out.

With the DEMO version of GarageSale (no matter if it’s GarageSale 6, GarageSale 7 or GarageSale 8) you can start 3 listing before you need to purchase a license or subscribe to GarageSale Pro.

This allows you to test the software before buying it.

Once registered you can start more than 3 listings, of course.

Hope this helps,

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