Subscription model and new feature questions

For the subscription model on GS8

I have 9600 items currently on ebay. Which re-list every 30 days. Will those count as GS listings?

I just use GS to list new items, that is all.

I don’t need the syncing feature.

In fact I don’t use most GS features, I do everything in my MySQL / Filemaker database

then export the XML and import into GS just to list.

So as long as I stay under the 50 items limit of new listings per month, I can use the Non-pro version?

I list about 50 new items per month, the rest are are re-listings from sold items, so I can use the ebay re-list feature there.

To confirm the new version has the features I needed and I think I asked about a few times in the past.

Ability to use more than 1 picture with the XML import feature. (from your new features list looks that that is possible now)

Allow “Allow buyers to remain anonymous to other eBay users” feature. I know you said ebay told you not to use it, but it is still there on ebay and seems to be not going away. At least let us use it until it goes away. Many sellers copy the items I sell and it is a good way to deter them. They even copy my photos and descriptions…

Allow Set Rate in GS for Promoted listings. (Is that already in GS7? I never asked about it before)

If I have eBay store, then GS should only show cost of listing item if I go over my free listing Store limit.

If I go for Pro subscription version.

The help and support is upgraded?

eg. I will get help with making separate versions of my xml / html for the web and mobile versions of ebay listings?

ie you don’t make separate charge for that sort of help.

thank you ~

ps, your forum software is really good!

Only listings listed or re-lilsted directly from within GarageSale will cost towards the 50 listings/month GarageSale Pro limit.


I believe that’s been already possible before.

Are you talking about the “Classified ads” feature? It seems it remains supported on some eBay site, but I wouldn’t count on it staying available forever.

It’s neither in GS 7 nor in GS 8. It would probably come with GS 8.x. The way ebay decided to add the feature to makes it quite complicated to add it to GarageSale.

We have been asking for eBay for over a decade to give us an interface for calculated accurate fees depending on the seller’s eBay account in vain. :man_shrugging:

No, the support level will stay the same.

We’ll try to give you hints and point you in the right direction, but we won’t code a complete custom design for free. For that you, you have to hire us separately.

If you’re referring to the “Private Listing” option: Yes, that option has been re-added to GarageSale 8! It’s available in the “Advanced” Inspector.

Hope this helps,

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