Suggestion: allowing children listings


I have a collection of unique items.
Sometimes however, there are N items of the same model, that share the same characteristics.
In such case, I create a unique listing with N available items (=quantity).
With this, I avoid wasting the monthly quota of free ads.

I always generate my listings in batch from the inventory.
There is a “1 to 1” relationship between the unique items in the inventory and I like having one listing for each inventory item.

When several items are same, what I do is to manually duplicate a listing and make it a “parent” listing, which is the one I publish.

I would like to attach the unique items as children (branches) of this published listing, so that I know that these listings, even if not published themselves, were not forgotten as they were published indirectly through the “parent listing”.

Of course, one trick is to use folders, but that’s not exactly the same.
What I would like is that it is possible to move listings as children of some other listings.
Exactly like what is possible with folders.
I believe this could be relatively easily to implement in the tree.

One step further, a later improvement could be to mark children listings as sold, one by one, when one or more items are sold in the parent listing. This could be done automatically, or manually as the buyer may have to communicate some identifier to know which children listing was sold.

Keyboard individual keys.
Assume that available keys for one keyboard are “A, B, C, D, E”.
The parent listing is “Keyboard key for some laptop” ; this is the published listing. Quantity: 4
The children listings are “A key”, “B key”, “C key”, “D key”. (Unpublished listings.)
If someone buys two of the four keys, the parent listing updates the Quantity to 2 (=4 - 2).
Furthermore, GarageSale would visually suggest some conflict and suggest the seller to flag two children listings as sold. (e.g. a small red disc with a “2” written)
Through the PayPal payment, the buyer can specify he needs keys “B” and “D”.
The seller would manually flag the corresponding children listings as sold.
The red disc conflict notification would update to 1, then 0, and disappear.


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