Suggestion for template duplication

Hello, once again thanks again for implementing a sku generator. Its such a big help, you guys dont even understand!!

I have another suggestion to be able to define the amount of templates you want to duplicate all at once. Usually to create the contents of a folder you have to take a template and duplicate it as many as you need. It might be cool to be able to define how many times you want it duplicated and have it done instantly. This could definitely help the work flow a bit for some people.

Normally I have a folder with 160 templates already in it and create auctions by entering a small bit info into each. If I wanted to make a change to the info on the base template I would modify 1 and duplicate it 160 times. Being able to simply say duplicate this template 160 times instead of pressing the duplicate key 160 times would be awesome.

You can already do this!

“When holding down the control key when invoking the “Duplicate” command, you can create an arbitrary number of duplicated listings:”

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