Suggestion: GarageSale should count the 50 listing limit down if a listing was ended


I am a private seller on Ebay. I can totally life with the 50 listing limit.
If I understand correctly, GarageSale wants to limit the number of listings for the standard version to 50 simultaneously active listings on eBay.

But what annoys me is that GarageSale simply counts the listings started in a month.
In my case these the 50 listing limit is reached nearly every month, because eBay sends me provision saving promotions all the time and I often manually end a listing and start it again to use such a promotion if I created listings without a promotion before.

So it would really be better for us customers if GarageSale would count the currently active listings and not just the listings started for a month.


Once listings that I “start” end officially at eBay I just use eBay’s tool to relist. I lose the highlighting of the listing in Garage Sale that way, but the template remains and is handy if I want to revise it. I also do auctions for the 8 times most of my items are relisted and then shift them to 30 day at eBay. Basically, these actions lead to no more than 50 active listings in Garage Sale. We have an eBay store so we get substantially more than 50 per month, and overall we maintain between 200-300 active listings using the rerouting of active items as described above. If it doesn’t sell after all that time we “retire” it, and may list it again some time should we want to add more items to bring in more traffic. I was no aware that the 50 listing limit included those that have ended that month.

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