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I am making many mistakes in shipping prices as your shipping function is quite poor in usability. Why do we have to open a window

  1. The ship option is SOOOO small you cannot easily tell what is select Priority Mail in video shows how 4 different selected all look the same and they have HUGE price differences
  2. Why must we open another window to change the weight and dimensions.

Way too many clicks.
There is a huge space not used that could be easily displayed all the information or create a new tab. Way to difficult and the biggest amount of errors Ive made with this software

Usability rating for shipping: POOR

Use shipping profiles through ebay…

That is not a good answer…Thanks but I ship collectibles from very heavy to extremely light but large in size
Shipping profile is just as bad.
I actually hate having to click open a window when lots of data needs to be stored. Seems most of the time its shipping is the biggest one of my errors.

Sorry mate, I do exactly the same thing as you and I found profiles the best solution at all. Easy to adjust after changes in postal fees, safe (every profile is the same for all listing of that weight/dimensions, you don’t have to write them every time and does not depend on GS), easy to set up (only 1 click) :wink:

I fully agree with this comment. The minimum should be to display the postage costs for local and international for the item without having to click the postage tag. It is a complete waste of time. If multiple items are selected in the right hand pane then the potage rates should be displayed in a column(s) in the right hand pane as well.

Using shipping profiles because the application fails in this area is not a solution. It is only a workaround.


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I don’t think people understand
I sell items that cost from $1000 to $5
Insurance is different every $100
I have to create shipping profiles for not only shipping service
Then I have issues with dimensions and weights
or the fee to charge due to insurance charges etc.
This is the #1 pain point and error I have been having
even the window is way to small reviewing auctions
My process
open a window for shipping service
open the dimensions to verify then open
open window to insure the service is correct as I can only see “Priority” but not a clue which one.
Insure the fee charged is accurate to include insurance
That is ridiculous. this can be done all in one screen. Ive developed software so I know it can be done.
Be much easier if it was on a tab with all the information instead of the small pop up with small drop downs and more pop ups for dimensions

TOO many clicks

That’s partially a workaround.
First of all it depends if you are a private or business account. In the first case, you cannot use profiles (at least on my ebay site), so I agree with you, it (might) be a problem. But the owner of this thread seems to have many listings so it’s not the case, I suppose. You are free to choose the best way to handle shipping fees, but just consider that A) you can easily lost your data on GS or database may corrupt and B) post services may charge fees… in this cases you have a) no way to update listing if not one by one through ebay and b) you have to modify them thought GS, which means finding and selecting ALL items (and it’s easy to forget something or selecting something wrong o typing the wrong amount), on the other hand a shipping profile is the same for all listing and with just one click you can modify everything you need without inattentions.
Until 1 year ago I used built-in shipping editor, now I use business profiles and I will never turn back, it far easier, faster and safer…

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