Suggestion to DEV for new good until cancelled thoughts?

Small sellers like myself will get hit with rolling fees caused by automatic relistings. I do NOT want good till cancelled; I want to be able to CONTROL my 30 day listings. Not likely that eBay will listen to feedback on this, as they are working to maximize profits.
So my question is how to give us some control within Garage Sale?

I am thinking of something like a COUNTDOWN CALENDAR that starts from the moment of listing. By looking the calendar, we could decide to cancel the auction on the final day, postpone renewal, or let it renew automatically. Possible to implement, devs? Any other suggestions from users?

Thanks in advance; this this new eBAy change is really a bad change for sellers like me. Thanks!

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According to eBay,it will not incur a fee each time it is renewed under GTC. Yes I agree though, an unfortunate move by EBay.

Can any GS users confirm the new renewal fee?

Two different reps on the phone today conformed that it WOULD count as new listing, and so go against monthly count / fee charge. However, as it is new today, I doubt their overseas phone reaps are all up to date; so until eBAy send mass mailing or has a page update someone to explain, I remain unsure. On the surface it makes sense it would be charged - more fees are what they want. If any non business user like myself could list “in perpetuity” with inly one change, that would be counterintuitive, unless that jack up their % cut of eventual sales.

As to “controlling” 30-day listings, my current plan is to avoid a big “dead period” when I re-list over the next few days by letting my 3000+ fixed-price listings change automatically to GTC.

Then each day I intend to stop about 1/30 of the fixed-price listings, and re-launch them immediately.

The alternative would be to “schedule” them in GarageSale over the whole 30-day period, which is cumbersome and error-prone, and would drop my active inventory by 29/30 right away.

(Caveat; I run on an Anchor Store subscription)

Looks like it is going to be wait and see.

Regards David
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Are you sure @davidelliott ? Who did tell you this? That would be a different sight of the situation, but at least in .it I heard the opposite… yes, the only real solution is to try it, also wasting some money. Maybe are there differences between ebay sites? Don’t know, need to try…

Just had another chat session with ebay and the answer is slightly different this time.

I think it means the following.

  1. If I list via one of my monthly free listing allowance, it will list automatically list each “30 days” and will not be charged because it will come from my NEXT free allowance. Of course some months are longer than 30 days so even this will eventually fall over.

  2. If I list via a special promo offer, each re-list will be charged.

Time will tell of course.

I think I am joining the call for GS to alert when items are due to finish. No way I can afford auto listings that incur a listing fee. Not when I list thousands each month.

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Hehehe as supposed: you will not be charged once the GTC listings is relisted WITHIN THE FREE LISTING ALLOWANCE. Not much to say, it was as I thought, damned ebay…

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I’ve been specifically told by 2 different eBay staffers that we will incur a charge every time a GTC listing rolls over. I agree that we’ve been getting different info from different eBay staffers in anticipation of the new policy taking effect, they could not give a definite date until just before the policy was initiated.

I was looking for suggestions for tweaks to to app to handle this new policy within Gs. My thought was a Calendar view with 30 day countdown. THAT would be useful and maybe not difficult coding. Developers?

I suggest two enhancements to the software, one more difficult to implement than the other, to give sellers back the complete control over our listing duration:

(1) as suggested above, a countdown calendar, which I see as a timing feature that automatically cancels a listing just before the next roll-over, on a listing by listing basis; also could be set to cancel listings in a 3-7-10 day time period;
(2) the ability to allow a standard GTC listing to roll-over a specific number of times until it automatically cancels itself just before the next roll-over.

Like so many other sellers, if I continue with eBay, my plan is to time a huge traunch of listings to end together, so that I can manually cancel them before they roll-over. Thankfully GS, as it exists today, will make this process much less labor intensive than it might be. I realize it is a lot easier to write this request than it is to code what I imagine is a fairly complicated feature, so thanks for listening…


I think that is a good idea. Not sure how wast it will be with 10,000+ listings (and still growing).

My GS is notoriously difficult with large lists - especially if one fails but GS does seem to handle it better nowadays and I think I read that a future improvement will be to retry failed listings a number of times.

We are in for an interesting period.

Let me propose an idea to try. Take the time you use cancelling and restarting listings and use the time to add more listings and let them all GTC and see if your sales vs costs increase or decrease. It should show up as a percentage and you will see if it is worth the work to cancel and restart or let them run and pick up more sales from watchers.

Won’t work for me Richard.

I sell daily low cost items such as collectable cards and most of then would sell for less than $5 each. Would only take one month for be to go into debt. 5000 items at $1.65 per listing.

Not viable but thanks for your suggestion.


“In for an interesting period” only if/when GS devs weigh in on what they will attempt, if anything. Otherwise it’s just gonna suck, to use the vernacular :joy:

Would something like this solve your problems:

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I suspect that this would be a very good start - although I cannot speak for other users. I think that some users were wanting an alert as well and that idea has also a lot of merit.

For me, the best thing to do would be to add the ability in each listing to end it in a set period of days - 7, 10, 15, etc. I sell unique items, so sometimes I want to list as a BIN for 7 days, end it, lower the price and resist. I also list across multiple accounts, which get different free listing offers, so I need to be able to end listings automatically. Is this possible?

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Welcome Back!! I Hope you had a very good/nice Holiday/Vacation!

Yes, this Smart Group Trigger would work Perfect for me!!


That would be useful! I suppose it would be too difficult to implement a way to CANCEL auctions within GS? Thanks!