Suggestion to DEV for new good until cancelled thoughts?

I was wondering how can we schedule to automatically end the listings from the smart group “Listings Ending This Week”? If that is not possible… can someone please code a GS apple script to end auctions on a certain date or after so many days of being listed?

No. It is quite easy as long as you started them in GS.


Days remaining is great, but why not adding also a feature in smart groups to track how much time is passed since the listings was started? Something like: “daysfromlist” is “higher/lower” than…
This has nothing to do with the trouble of close listings within the 30 days, but keeping under control GTC listings would be something extremely useful in order to avoid they bury under other millions of identical listings. Filtering (let’s do an example) listings started more than 3 moths ago, might help us to close and restart them (=more visibility) or lower the price after much time they are live. What do you think about this? Is that possible or every 30 days listings implicitly “renew” the timer from starting date?

I’ll tell you one thing. Be careful with those “1,000 free listings” promos from now on.

I’m going to take a hard look at my auctions and start routing a bunch of my items through my Etsy store and more targeted Facebook/Marketplace groups. This isn’t a knee-jerk reaction and will create more record-keeping hassles, but I guess the good to come out of this is my having to be more careful about what I buy and list…and about what I relist on Feebay.

Once PayPal is out of the picture, sellers not having a ready pool of PayPal funds to pay back to the ‘company store’ will certainly result in less revenue to Ebay. I’m sure they see that and figure, “no problem…we’ll just keep squeezing the sellers…”

Having an “Expiring this week” smart group will be a big step in the right direction. Now if there was a way to automate the closing of selected listings, that would be icing on the cake.

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Right, “free listings” to get you trapped in the relisting loop, grrrr.
“Having an “Expiring this week” smart group will be a big step in the right direction. Now if there was a way to automate the closing of selected listings, that would be icing on the cake.” - AGREED!

That’s is why we are going to need a checkbox to END AUCTION IN xx DAYS. If you get a free listing offer, then you can have GarageSale end them automatically rather then risk getting charged for a realist.


That would be great, ANYTHING will help - I hope DEV offers a simple solution update soon while working on more comprehensive features. That’s why I opened the thread. Thanks!!

As far as I remember the start date & end date fields are reset to new values every time eBay “renews” your GTC listing. Maybe somebody using GTC listings can confirm this.

As a short time solution we have a new smart group rule implemented for the GarageSale 8 beta. (If you don’t have access to the GS 8 beta forum yet, please drop me a line.)

This new smart group would allow you to setup a smart group that shows all GTC listings, that are running and end within the next x days. You could then use a single “End Listing” command on the whole smart group the end the found listings before eBay “re-news” them.

A fully automatic solution (which would take more time to implement) could like this:

  • we add a second event type for canceling auctions to GarageSale’s built-in scheduler, which ends the listing it contains on a specific date
  • we add an option to the “Launch Control” panel to automatically create such a cancelation event x days before the listing would be “renewed” when your listings are launched

What do you think?

P.S. Alternatively, we could add a “Auto-Cancelation” section to the Advanced listing inspector, similarly to the already-existing Auto-Restart setting. This way users would need to deal with the scheduler. :thinking:

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If it is an easy fix for you guys, go for it. we can always provide feedback to fine tune it.

Mmmh I expected something like that. I use GTC, how and where can I check it?

I have used GTC for 8 years without ending them. My oldest listing is Oct 12, 2011 at 11:14am PDT. The start time stays the date I listed the item the first time. That listing has 14,020 views and 99 watchers. 99 watchers who are my future customers. The end date updates obviously.

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The end date yes, but not the start one, or am I wrong? You still see Oct 12, 2011 at 11:14am PDT, so maybe there might be some chance they can implement some sort of smart folder to take track of “datefromstart” </> of … isn’t it @ilja ?

Always looks better for buyers if the listing can be presented as as NEW listing. Not sure how to achieve that though.

Absolutely, this is the best way to scale the search engine. Also 99 watchers does it, but it requires time and also the kind of good (like multiple quantity items) to reach it, and collectables are not the right ones in my opinion…

Has been a pretty good discussion hasn’t it? I wonder how we will all feel next month!

Who knows what is devising eBay? Maybe not even them… we will see!!

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Are you on facebook fedege96?

I sell 95% antiques but sell some modern items that I can buy to sell and they are my oldest listings. Those do better as time goes on and buyers find and put them on their watch lists. 3 to 6 months is the average on most antiques with some taking a few years.

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Hi David, no I am sorry, I know it might sound quite strange but I am not on Facebook! I will be there soon as soon as GS will integrate a faster way to publish listings over socials (@ilja :innocent: ).

Yes when I had antiques on Facebook, I found GTC the best solution. But attention, that’s something very different from collectibles like photos, postcards, cards and similar. Those are published in millions of similar items, antiques are much more like “unique” goods… hard choice, to GTC or not to GTC :joy:

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