Suggestion to DEV for new good until cancelled thoughts?

Although it does mean checking daily have set up a smart group showing all active listings, then i sort by time left when any have a day left i can end them easily enough. might lose out a few sales but with lots of listings it could cost me much more in relisting fees.

Yes Nick. It is a pretty nasty move. One which will penalised both sellers and buyers. And if those two groups don’t have as many transactions then Ebay will also lose money. Strange logic they have in HQ.

@davidelliott - thanks, I never saw the ‘stop listing’ before as I never needed it! So I guess for now we just sort by time left and then end when we need to. I wonder if there will be an interim fix (namely the ‘days remaining’ smart group with the ‘days remaining’ option - of will we have to wait for a full-blown new GS release?

In the interim you will probably need to set up a smart group (some examples are earlier in this feed), BUT be aware that the "days Remaining’ status dos not always seem to updating automatically.

I suspect that the GS Support are working on a better solution but at this stage I do not remember anyone saying what it is. Maybe the did and I just missed it. The obviously solution is to have an automatic end of the listing with the time-to-end set in preferences or somewhere. (GS would have to be running though). I suspect we are all finding this a very dangerous time with our listings. I have 10,000 due to finish in less than one week.


I don’t see “Days Remaining” in my smart group. I am using GS 7.0.16 … and my GS looks different then yours?

I can’t take chances on if it will work or not. In a few days I must go into ebay and manually end half my listings that are going off. If not I will be bombarded with listing fees, that would be a disaster! I can not see (by thumbnail and watchers) which listings I should end and which I shell keep going and relist in GS. This has to be done on Ebay then GS will see I have ended them on ebay side and sync the info that it was ended. It’s the only way I can see to do this correctly.

That smart group ist only available in the GS 8 beta version. I’ll send you an invite.


Got it! Thank you :slight_smile:

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