Support for Grid boxes in general description

I could really use support for Grid boxes or at least edit/modify the format of a Grid I copy and pasted from Numbers/Excel.

I sell a lot of electronic test equipment items that can have many, many tech specs. It is much easier ( and cleaner IMO) to create a excel document and copy and paste it into my tech specs below my brief text description. I can copy and paste a grid, but can’t even change the formatting, its always justified to the Left of the page. I would love to edit the size of the column/rows but would settle for being able to the Alignment of the grid itself to at least Center of the page.

Used to be able to change the alignment of a grid in GarageSale 6, but not in 7

Also… Text Snippets are worthless if it doesn’t keep formatting of original text. I tried to use Text Snippets to show seller policies and general disclaimers. But can’t use text snippets if it changes the formatting. and Why exactly can’t I see Text Snippets unless I hit Control+Option? I posted an item and didn’t realize text snippets changed formatting until it was posted. Revised the item and took out snippets to add my formatted text.

Not sure what you mean by grid. Do you perhaps have an example of how you want your listings to look like?

Like an excel table.

Link to current listing with a table/grid (hope it comes through)

To note. On a mobile device the table/grid seems to be centered, but on a desktop it is not. It is never centered within GarageSale app.

I understand eBays “product details” can be used for the same data and generally the same format. But it never really looks the same as within Item description and never displayed on mobile unless specifically clicked to view “item details”. Plus I’d rather have my own formatting.

Even if imported as CSV file and editable for row/column size and alignment with text formatting.

I know it’s a lot to ask for, and most likely not possible, but it would really help my speed of posting items and overall looks of an item layout. While certainly knowing I may be a specific use case request.


you can already insert/create tables in GarageSale’s Editor mode:

  • by using HTML code
  • by using markdown code

There’s already a help section available here:

There’s also a way to auto-generate tables based on the given item specifics. You find sample code at the very bottom here:

Regards, Kristian

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