Switching to a Store

After years of placing individual sales listings on eBay, using Garage Sale for more than a decade, I want to try a Starter store. Other than clicking the “Use eBay Store” button, what do I need to do? What is different about individual listings and store listings (if anything)? Will GS know which store?

I almost always list in the same category (a stamp collecting specialty) at fixed price. I don’t have a large volume of sales.

I’m using GS 8.3.6 on a MacBook Pro 16 (just replaced a 15). I presently have about 35 listings.

Thanks in advance.

You set up a store on Ebay. I have had a store on Ebay for 15 years give or take. It has nothing to do with Garage sale and GS doesn’t need to know that you have one. Ebay puts items into the store GS doesn’t.

You need to setup categories for your store on the eBay website, and select in GarageSale which listing goes in what category.

Oops, my bad. I forgot I did the GS choosing years ago. I just duplicate 100% of the time and I forgot that part. Sorry for the bad info. I guess it shows how easy it is for GS to run everything. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, Ilja, and you, too, RL: Someone just pointed out to me I’m still warning people in my listings that I’ll be collecting 6.625% New Jersey Sales Tax. eBay took over that task a year ago! So, yes, it’s easy to let GS run on automatic.

I’ve set up several store categories, and manually moved my existing listings into them. But when I tried to start a new listing and clicked on “Use eBay store,” the only choice for Store Cagegory was “none.” I decided to list the item anyway, the error message said “invalid store category ID, 0, since it is non-leaf. So item has been listed to the “Other” store category.”

The listing was successful, and I manually changed the Store Category.

How can I avoid having to manually change the Store Category for each listing?

Thanks again.

Under preferences try clicking redownload the ebay store categories and profiles… that puts them into GS and then duplicate your listings in future listings and it is automatically filled in.

Wow! That did it, first try, and only took seconds. Didn’t even have to close and reopen GS. For anyone else with this problem, I would note that the screen RL shows is under Accounts, not eBay. Thanks!

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