Synching problem after disconnection

It took the better part of a day, but I finally managed to upload my entire database of listings using GS8 pro. It was thousands of listings, but still quite slow. It seems like the host server would only take about 200k a second upload… My internet connection is 20 mbit upload, so I do not believe the bottleneck was on my end.

In any event, I am trying to sync (in this case, download) the database to my other computers, but I’ve run into a problem. If the download gets interrupted for any reason – for example, the computer goes to sleep due to lack of activity – the sync does not resume automatically, and indeed, GS8 becomes unresponsive. By unresponsive I mean that I cannot cancel the sync of quit the program.

As a result, I have to quit GS8 and restart it. But when I do that, and I try to enable synch, I get the message that says “Synchronization could not be enabled because another computer is currently transferring data for your account.” It seems like the GS server still has the original connection open and will not allow me to make a new connection.

I closed GS8 on all of the computers other than the one I am trying to sync, so the issue is not that another computer is currently syncing.

Is there anyway around this problem? It seemed to resolve itself after many hours, but I am never going to get my 4 computers synched at this rate, and my business is at a stand still until I do…

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

Have you tried a reboot?

Yes. Did nothing. It seems like it just takes the GS server a few hours to realize that the previous connection was lost and allow me to create a new connection. Nothing that I can do on my end seems to shorten that time.

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Have you been able now to make the initial download on one of your Macs at least?

Do you use the same GarageSale 8 version on all your Macs?

Regards, Kristian

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