Syncing Between Computers

I’m new to GarageSale and like what I have been able to do so far with my 250+ and growing listings. I’m updating all of my listings with the GS template and working great so far. The only issue is I have the family version which I’m using one at home and one at my office. I did a bunch of work today, but when I get back home, I was hoping the changes I made were suppose to show up. I guess my question is this suppose to happen or is this part of the syncing that is being worked ok? So when I’m in preview mode on the other computer…it’s the old template I had before…but Live is correct. I tried the “Update Listings” in the menu…but nothing happened. I tried to import again from ebay…but all that did was reupload all of the deleted listings. I see there is just a handful of other threads talking about syncing and it’s being worked on so do I just need to wait for this to work? So far everything else is working fine and happy. Thanks!

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